Top class coachbuilders since 1973

Our passion from three generations

Carbon components

We paint composite materials for any type of vehicle, modern or classic one, for the private costumer but also for small special series of luxury cars as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani.

Classic car restoration

At the side of our customers from all over the world, today we are one of the most quoted bodyworks in the fields of reparation, restoration and reconstruction of any type of classic vehicle.

Traditional car bodywork

With an experience of over forty years in this field, we repair damaged vehicles, of all brands and models. We practice oven painting with modern technologies.

We have 48 years of activity and experience.

This is a very important achievement which we are really proud of.

It shows the audacity of far-sighted choices and our ability to adapt to changes.

We do our part in the excellence



The “true” California is located in Emilia-Romagna

“La California”, is a new Black Comedy directed by Cinzia Bomol in which our enterprise and our cars are directly involved in the filming: indeed, Gualtiero Malagoli, a good person, interpreted by Stefano Pesce, is driving a Lamborghini Miura SV.

The IFTS course wins the FIVA CULTURE AWARDS 2021.

As we have already communicated, we have accepted with enthusiasm and pride to do our part in the “technician restorer of the classic car” IFTS courses.

Plant C, works are going on and they are even accelerating

Although the difficulties caused by the pandemic, our growth and strengthening path started less than a year ago, is going on.